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NOTE: Every effort is made to ensure that information is current and accurate, but please refer to their website for the most current information.

  • How to register to vote

  • Campus Calendar

  • The New User Checklist and IT Status Monitor is available by clicking on "Get Started". New students can receive a personalized set of linked instructions to get started with technology at the U of A. After providing a few details about their devices, operations systems and locations, links are provided via email or on the Web in a printer-friendly format.

  • Quality Writing Center. The QWC provides face-to-face and online tutoring at our Kimpel Hall and Mullins Library locations. Tutors provide reader feedback and collaborate with student writers to help them learn revision strategies for improving their drafts.

  • Razorback CareerLink is available now for current students and alumni to login at Students, who previously used eRecruiting Experience, will need to login to to complete a brief profile and upload a current resume.

  • Enhance your career and life with our Office of Study Abroad & International Exchange. Increase your understanding of the world and our society. Increase your income potential with study abroad on your resume which will give you a competitive edge. Check out our UA Scholarships for financing your Study Abroad.

  • The University Career Development Center’s PDI Learning Outcomes and Changes
    The University Career Development Center’s PDI is a free program designed to enhance University of Arkansas students’ professionalism. Each student who joins the program is assigned a career coach who guides them through 7 competencies:
    • Self-Awareness
    • Career Exploration
    • Resume Writing
    • Search Strategies
    • Reflection of Career Experiences
    • Interview Skills
    • Networking with Professionals

    According to results from a recent student survey by the National Association of
    Colleges and Employers (Student Survey 2010), the likelihood of a student getting a
    job offer increased with the frequency of career center use. Students who used the
    career center four or more times a semester were more likely to have job offers
    than those who used it once a semester. The results also indicated use of career
    services resulted in higher median salaries, and median salaries climbed with
    increased use.

    PDI prepares students to be competitive candidates in today’s market by giving them individual attention to improve in the competency areas they most need.

    Last year, 144 students from all university colleges completed PDI. These students increased their knowledge about how to research job openings and graduate school programs, gain experience in their field, introduce themselves to employers, write resumes and prepare for interviews.

  • This year, taking the StrengthsFinder, 30-minute online assessment, is a Self-Awareness PDI requirement. StrengthsQuest is used at more than 600 schools and universities in North America. More than 1 million people have used StrengthsQuest to gain insights into how to use their strengths to achieve academic success, to explore careers, and in leadership development.

  • The purpose of the U of A Cares site is to encourage and allow members of the University community to refer students that are exhibiting signs of distress in their academic, personal, financial life or other areas.

  • Inquiry Undergraduate Research Journal publishes twice a year in an effort to highlight the research and creative achievements of undergraduate students and their faculty mentors. The due date for submission is May 16th every year. In addition, works accepted for publication in the Inquiry Journal may also be submitted to other academic journals for publication. If you have any questions please contact them at

  • Get involved with an RSO. Registered student organizations provide students the opportunity to form and develop organizations based on a common interest. Students are able to create, govern, budget and plan their own organization and events. Through your involvement with an RSO you will meet new people, develop your interest and have fun.
    Pi Sigma Alpha - The National Political Science Honor Society
    Young Democrats - The purpose of this organization is to provide its members with information and abilities to become involved in the political process through banquets, speakers, debates, and events.

    College Republicans - To help elect Republican candidates, support the Republican agenda, and become the future leaders of the conservative movement.

  • Veterans Resource and Information Center We serve as the central point of contact for prospective or current University of Arkansas student veterans needing assistance with the admissions process, applying for military educational benefits and scholarships, and referrals to various academic departments around campus. Additionally, we maintain a large network within the community to refer students to organizations specializing in veteran services.

  • How to enroll in Online (Global Campus) Courses

  • Graduate Student ONLY Study Area in Mullins Library. Keys may be checked out at the circulation desk.

NOTE: Every effort is made to ensure that information is current and accurate, but please refer to their website for the most current information. Disclaimer: We do not in any way endorse programs by sponsoring organizations or websites listed here. We encourage users to verify the legitimacy of information and organizations cited here.

  • M.P.A.-M.P.P. - View MPA/MPP alumni interviews on YouTube.

  • The American Political Science Association (APSA): Careers in Political Science

  • APSA - Careers and the study of Political Science: A Guide for Undergraduates

  • Public service careers - newly launched job and career website brought to you by the three most prominent groups in professional public service careers and education! NASPAA, APSA & APPAM have put together this site for job seekers (and employers) at all levels of experience. Whether you are fresh out of college, a ‘veteran’ of the public sector or a Ph.D. in academia, this site can help you find a new job and sustain a career.

  • Making Global Impact - Guide to International Jobs in Government. Are you prepared for a career in International Affairs/Foreign Policy? There are numerous things to consider when you are deciding to pursue a career in international affairs. It is important to think about the type of work you will be doing and the skills you will need to excel in the field.


  • Demographic Database - Local Labs
    Our mission is to make granular socioeconomic data freely and practically available. Local Labs provides several hundred points of demographic data for virtually every zip code, city, county, and state in the US. You can see an example of all our data points by viewing Arkansas.

    As for data freshness, the government released their latest 5 year American Community Survey, May 2014, and we've updated our data to reflect that release. Local Labs also allows users to download our data in a CSV format free of charge and free of advertising.



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