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A Message from the Chair

Dear Students, Alumni and Visitors:

Margaret Reid

We are pleased that you found us and hope that the following is a useful guide to our programs, activities, and our great faculty.

If you are a student still searching for an academic home, we think that political science is a great field to provide you with insights into a wide array of fascinating issues, including domestic politics, political behavior, international affairs, comparative politics, and public administration. Consequently, students from our programs have entered a variety of very different careers in academia, law, politics and numerous professional fields in the public, private, and nonprofit sector. You will find our faculty student centered and willing to help you realize your personal goals.

Our upper division political science classes are typically small (ranging from 30 to 40 students per class). Small classes lead to closer interactions with the instructors, other class members and offer opportunities to develop students’ writing and analytical abilities. The vast majority of these classes are taught by faculty. Students in our department also can take advantage of internships and other rewarding extra-curricular activities.

Our graduate programs in political science (M.A.) and Public Administration (M.P.A.) are designed to prepare students for careers in public or nonprofit management, enter academia, or pursue other professional goals. Rigorous coursework as well as individual development opportunities round out our program offerings.

Our faculty members have active research agendas and many are involved in projects that they can carry back into the classroom.

If you have any questions about our programs or activities don’t hesitate to visit with me, our faculty and staff, or feel free to just drop by.

Hope to see you,

Margaret Reid
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