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Dr. Janine Parry

Dr. Janine Parry

Dr. Janine Parry

Arkansas Poll Director

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In addition to two books – Women's Rights in the USA and Readings in Arkansas Politics and Government – she has published articles and chapters in Political Behavior, State Politics and Policy Quarterly, Social Science Quarterly, the Journal of Black Studies, the Presidential Elections in the South series, and many other outlets. She serves on the Editorial Board for State Politics and Policy Quarterly and recently chaired the committee for Best State Politics Article in a Peer-Reviewed Journal for the American Political Science Association.

Her teaching and research interests include state politics and policy; Arkansas and southern politics; polling and public opinion; elections and voter turnout; and women, politics, and policy.

Dr. Parry was awarded Fulbright College's Master Teacher Award in 2002 and the university-wide Alumni Association Award for teaching and, separately, service in 2005. She served as co-director of the Teaching and Faculty Support Center at the University of Arkansas from 2008-2011, Chair of the Campus Faculty from 2012-2013; and Chair of the Faculty Senate from 2013-2014.

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